Written By Unknown on Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 8:26 AM

Total Score
24.3 / 30.0 ( 81.0% )
RIM Scores (MAX: 10.0)


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert
  • ++ Nightmare ++

Technical Details

Seed Number: 109 418 0765
Version: XBL 1.4 (TU9) (no PC equiv)


In Norse mythology, the god Thor carries a hammer -- named Mjolnir. The spelling of the name varies from source to source as the original has special characters not supported by my keyboard. And don't give me grief if you play DotA 2 -- they misspelled it on purpose.


I am not a lawyer and nothing that I say here should be misconstrued as legal advice.

This is the hardest level I've seen to date. It's the primary ingredient in all known recipes for a night terror. Looking upon the face of the land may be a criminal action in some countries. You should check the statutes in your jurisdiction before playing.

Ironically, finding the ender portal was not a problem, as it's floating in the middle of the ocean. You can find it in seconds; it's clearly visible during the day.

Congratulations, instant ender portal. Now try finding something else. Anything else. Exactly. This seed is so heinous, I've decided to add a new rating classification: this seed is the first to be ranked nightmare.


  • None


  • [278.38.32] dungeon, skeleton, x2 chests, gunpowder, x4 red stone
  • [-430.15.-309] medium ravine with lava floor
  • [-393.13.-303] x6 gold
  • [-352.29.169] underground ravine, x6 gold
  • [-225.25.304] x10 gold, medium cavern

Above Ground

  • [-50.55.-134] dive down for submerged ender portal, x1 eye
  • [-356.89.-400] mushroom island #1
  • [-105.83.396] mushroom island #2
  • [369.80.366] mushroom island #3
  • [166.82.-146] mushroom island #4
  • [13.64.-61] your only shot: dig down to Y=32, then due north 11 paces and no more for ravine/cave super complex. Beware, this will bring you in above the lava -- don't fall off the ledge and pray to James Lipton you don't attract any bad guys.


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