Written By abdulloh umar on Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 8:28 AM

For the love of James Lipton, it's June 1st. Where has this year gone? It's already half over! This is simply awful. I had so many plans. So many dreams. Time, like water through a ravine pours --

-- wait a minute. Now that I think about it, July 2nd is the midpoint of the year. My bad. Alright, nobody panic. We've still got lots and lots of time before we have more lots and lots of time.

Here's another motley assortment of mundane words and phrases that produce extraordinary results if you secretly know where to use them.

Oh, an I found a seed so heinous that I had to create a new classification called "nightmare" to describe it.

  • [ 24.3 ] mjolnir
  • [ 21.6 ] hardyboys
  • [ 19.3 ] raspberrypie
  • [ 17.2 ] linguist
  • [ 16.8 ] drat47
  • [ 16.4 ] satyagraha


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