Written By abdulloh umar on Friday, April 5, 2013 | 6:47 PM

Total Score
24.5 / 30.0 ( 81.7% )
RIM Scores*
REAL 7.2 INT 9.2 MAG 8.1

*Each rating has a maximum value of 10.0


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Technical Details

Seed Number: 472346366
Version: XBL 1.4 (TU9) (no PC equiv)


When I turned on Minecraft today, there was a message from the Minecraft people that read, "Try World of Goo!" So I did. And voila! A fantastic seed that you shouldn't miss.

My Review

I was actually going to run through my usual list of seed names today, but this one had so much good stuff in it and took up so much of my time that I decided to dedicate my entire day to this one and then do the others later. This seed is absolutely riddled with ravines. They are everywhere. Some are on the surface, others are deep underground, most bump into each other, and there is a stretch of ravines so numerous that it creates a huge underground cavernous maze that would take days (maybe weeks) to explore fully. Some of them are riddled with abandoned mineshafts just lying right out in the open. I found three dungeons and a host of great spots to build a house.

Above ground isn't the greatest thing in the world and because of how complex the underground is, this one is definitely not for beginners. I rated it advanced.


The nether is fairly well open. There is a series of long cooridors where the nether fortress is, but I didn't find anything in them. There was one really nice lava fall that was impressive to look at and the usual assortment of freaks and fungus.


  • [-239.87.274] village, x1 building, guard tower, water well


  • [-246.39.209] large ravine, abandoned mineshaft, x1 chest, x1 diamond, tall waterfall
  • [-357.9.387] x4 gold, x4 redstone
  • [-383.63.-19] dungeon, zombie, x2 saddle
  • [-330.31.-280] dungeons, x2 spiders
  • [-112.55.-165] stalactites

Above Ground

  • [-324.79.-187] small cliff and overhang
  • [-343.64.-272] opening to underground ravine and abandoned mineshafts
  • [-267.71.-373] cave maze
  • [101.70.-395] abandoned water well
  • [209.44.-298] t-shaped ravine, abandoned mineshafts, lava fall, waterfall
  • [254.66.-320] pumpkins
  • [335.64.-141] dead drop into ravine
  • [352.65.-127] entrance to ravine maze
  • [121.66.226] awesome large overhang
  • [168.65.-67] medium ravine
  • [-110.66.-170] dead drop hole!! near abandoned water well
  • [-140.70.153] abandoned water well
  • [-64.74.104] lava pit
  • [92.83.353] medium tabletop overhang
  • [46.71.325] medium pitfall cave
  • [0.68.410] small cave complex


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