Written By abdulloh umar on Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 10:36 PM

Well, here we go. New update, new seeds. I still am finding bugs -- including waterfalls that pour into lava without creating obsidian and a really, really annoying torch situation where they fail to illuminate the walls correctly -- or sometimes at all.

Most annoying is the low-RAM situation -- which is still lagging heavily if I attempt to use dynamite or if I aggro more than ten creeps. Clearly the programmers have done everything they have been asked to do, hardware limitations be damned. All I can do is hope that XBOX 720 comes out soon.

I am looking forward to The End. I'm hoping it also changes with each seed. I'll test that theory out later in the week and then post photos.

Anyway, here are today's seeds!

  • [ 21.3 ] robinseggblue
  • [ 21.0 ] euclidian
  • [ 20.1 ] w36h68
  • [ 14.8 ] waketraveler
  • [ 10.2 ] tu9


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