Written By abdulloh umar on Sunday, October 28, 2012 | 8:15 AM

Total Score
49.3 / 170.0 ( 29.0% )
FLAT 4.7 V 4.2 M/H 3.3
RAV -- C 2.1 AMS --
HOLD -- DW 2.9 OH --
LB -- FLOAT -- SHADE 2.4
W 6.3 CLAY 8.3 LAVA 7.7
WF 5.3 LF 2.1    

*Each rating has a maximum value of 10.0


  • Kiln 'em! 8.0 or higher in clay.


  • ++ Beginner ++
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Technical Details

Seed Number: 2098111790
Version: XBL 1.8.2 (equiv PC 1.2)


The expression "tourner au vinaigre", which translates to "turned to vinegar", refers to a conversation that may have once had potential but has now gone south due to the insanity of the person you're having it with.

My Review

I'm diggin' the clay on this one (that's a pun, people; you should all be laughing). In fact, while this is hardly the best seed I've found, it is a seriously good spot for those of you who like building with bricks. There is little underground to speak of. I tried on several occasions to punch down looking for hidden caves and came up empty handed. However, I will say that for those few cave systems I found, I discovered no less than three huge caverns. The northeast corner has the trees and the south has the mountains. Sitting between them is the key for beginners looking to enjoy this nice seed.


  • [276.70.-171] village, x8 buildings, guard tower, water well
  • [-219.77.293] village, x3 building, guard tower, water well; sugar


  • [81.23.153] large cavern with small lava fall
  • [-246.24.12] large waterfall cavern, x2 gold
  • [-264.12.-52] large lava reservoir

Above Ground

  • [59.64.-49] clay field, x7 deposits
  • [30.65.-317] lava pit
  • [261.77.20] abandoned water well
  • [259.70.-37] medium flatland
  • [199.65.42] lava pit/obsidian generator
  • [133.73.332] shortcut cave inside of tall waterfall
  • [78.65.322] erosion with iron
  • [112.105.377] pumpkins
  • [-341.84.36] clay bay


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