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Total Score
32.7 / 170.0 ( 19.2% )
FLAT 1.3 V -- M/H 3.3
RAV 2.5 C 3.2 AMS --
HOLD -- DW 2.1 OH --
LB 1.8 FLOAT 0.5 SHADE 3.2
W 8.2 CLAY -- LAVA 1.1
WF 3.1 LF 2.4    


  • Treemium! 8.0 or higher in wood.


  • ++ Beginner ++
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert


Seed Number: -1683175367
Version: XBL 1.8.2 (equiv PC 1.2)


This seed name is one of several commonly misspelled English words. A pastime is something that you do to "pass the time".

My Review

So, to kick off the new version of Minecraft, I have five seed names. This seed is the worst of the lot. There is a massive number of trees on this level -- a very thick forest indeed -- that precludes the ability of anyone on the ground of seeing more than five or ten kilometers in front of their head. It also allows day walkers free access to the majority of the map. There is a cool river that meanders through the east portion of the map. All in all, not much to write home about but a perfect level for someone just starting out with Minecraft.


This map has very little water and is -- for all intents and purposes -- a massive hunk of forest. Even the icy areas are covered in trees. The southwest corner has some swamp land, there is a little patch of desert in the northeast, and some nice mountains in the NW corner.


  • [336.57.38] deep cave complex
  • [327.47.-275] large, underground ravine
  • [345.26.-287] x4 gold

Above Ground

  • [47.78.-7] lava pit
  • [-161.70.104] huge erosion
  • [138.23.34] underwater pit with air pocket
  • [357.70.8] small swamp
  • [330.71.-44] small ravine, Y=48
  • [373.85.-356] small desert in NW corner
  • [128.73.-312] large erosion
  • [-389.66.-346] pumpkins
  • [-269.74.-166] medium land bridge
  • [-227.89.-258] pumpkins, small floater
  • [-312.72.-240] medium cascading waterfall
  • [-327.72.-240] small lava fall
  • [-388.74.299] large ravine, Y=34, x2 lava fall, x1 waterfall
  • [-260.75.307] medium swamp
  • [-146.71.118] medium erosion


At top, this is a view from just inside the mouth of a deep cave. You can see the waterfall pouring into the deeper part of the cave. Just above, this is a view of the small ravine located at 330.71.-44.


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