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Spawn and Version

Spawn: 4.107.-8
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 5.5
DW 6.7
C 4.5
W 3.2
SP 2.8
VR 2.4
AF 3.9


Earth's disproportionately large moon literally allows life to exist on this planet by stabilizing our axis and causing the tides and the seasons. Without it, we'd be a pretty rock. It exists because of an inter-planetary collision between the Earth and another planet dubbed Theia (hence the capital letter in the seed name).

My Review

Unlike it's rocky, molten namesake, this seed is a lush green land full of waterfalls and plenty of deep water to explore. The water features are often large and dramatic. Due to the steep nature of the mountains and the constant interruption of the game by flowing water that allows skeletons to take better aim at you, I recommend this only for advanced players.

Other Items of Interest

  • [-61.72.-106] small land bridge and zombie sounds
  • [-28.72.-106] medium waterfall
  • [-119.65.-127] large cave and epic waterfall
  • [-216.65.-114] deep cave, spiders, and medium coal
  • [-287.72.-51] medium cliff dive event
  • [-332.98.64] pumpkins


This is a view of one of the many impressive waterfalls that snake their way through this level.


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