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Spawn and Version

Spawn: 35.84.191
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 5.5
DW 7.3
C 6.3
W 4.8
SP 3.3
VR 6.2
AF 5.1


Einstein's famous equation (known as the Mass–energy equivalence) is the stuff of legend. It allows physicists to explain mathematically the resting potential energy of any object and links energy with mass -- a theory which at the time was revolutionary. Little known fact, E=mc2 is not the entire equation... only the part that people remember. The full equation adds a term that incorporates the energy at rest. However, when I tried the full equation, I was not impressed, so I used the one we all know and it worked great.

A reminder -- the "E" in the above seed name is capitalized. Obviously, since the Xbox doesn't do superscript, the "squared" is just a "2".

My Review

This was a really nice level. There are many interesting features to see above ground, some interesting caves and complexes to explore, and a higher-than-average amount of resources floating around for the taking. But beyond that, the one thing this level will probably become known for are the really cool bays, coves, and inlets that are scattered everywhere -- especially the islands. I spawned in a tree; while usually a harbinger of good wood, the forests in this level are a patchwork mostly confined to the northwest island and the spider-web archipelago. This seed as a ton of sugar. The barren and icy-cold northwest portion of the map is the only major flaw in this otherwise excellent seed.


This seed appears in episode two of my groundbreaking Xbox Minecraft seed tourism series, This Old Seed. In this video, I show you how to get into the underwater hole at -59.65.370.

Sugar and Clay Deposits

  • [16.65.39] medium sugar
  • [-115.65.-49] medium sugar
  • [-189.66.-122] small sugar
  • [-99.66.-246] small sugar
  • [-351.65.-342] small clay
  • [209.65.-304] small clay, collapsing sand
  • [73.65.-102] small clay
  • [313.66.206] mega clay deposit
  • [-402.65.84] small clay

Other Items of Interest

  • [0.67.67] small hidi-hole
  • [3.68.57] medium coal
  • [4.65.39] deep cave with waterfall and skeletons
  • [-287.65.-225] deep pitfall look suspiciously like a zombie spawn in stone, but I had no pickaxe and there were no sounds
  • [-358.68.-275] small cave complex with zombie sounds
  • [244.67.-258] tall waterfall, medium floater, sheer cliffs, and coal
  • [311.70.-249] large coal in cliff face
  • [160.65.-195] small land bridge, small floater, small coal
  • [305.68.259] really nice small cove
  • [376.70.344] pumpkins
  • [265.69.350] large spire
  • [-11.67.340] medium gravel
  • [-53.65.364] cool bay, good place to dock a pirate ship
  • [-59.65.370] deep, underwater hole with iron, coal, and medium lava fall leading to a large underground cave system
  • [-254.65.311] wolves
  • [-396.65.194] lava pit and ocean equals obsidian
  • [-362.72.-167] shortcut cave with medium waterfall pouring out of it
  • [-323.68.-265] small cave
  • [-330.72.-96] medium coal
  • [-303.72.57] medium lava pit
  • [-12.73.101] small lava pit
  • [-11.77.128] medium lava fall
  • [-37.18.374] diamonds, obsidian generator, and red stone


From underneath, this cluster of overhangs and land bridges scar the sky. The sheer cliff walls on either side create a valley that houses (among other things) a waterfall and a thick forest. At right, this is a medium-sized cave complex. At foot (out of frame) is a pitfall cave and there are some good coal spots in here.


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