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Spawn and Version

Spawn: -54.71.-49
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 5.9
DW 2.1
C 3.1
W 1.9
SP 1.1
VR 4.2
AF 5.9


Calvin and Hobbes is a world-famous cartoon series as penned by the cartoonist Bill Watterson. It tells of the exploits of a mischievous six year old boy, Calvin, and his sardonic stuffed tiger, Hobbes (both named after the famed philosophers). Whimsical nods to classical literature, art critique, and science abound. If you've never picked up one of these books, you're missing out.

My Review

Calvin and Hobbes was a comic series I read growing up. So in my heart, it is much beloved and beautiful. This level could also be considered beautiful by some people. Of course, those people probably would be twisted maniacs who would find delight in a kid's party clown that comes to their kid's first birthday, cuts him open, and makes balloon animals out of his intestines. To the rest of us, this is a depraved level -- with anything even remotely resembling a reasonable seed pushed out to the corners of the map. The southwest corner is the only playable spot and it is brutal.


What kind of a person could love a level like this. There's enough ice here to supply major league hockey for an entire year.

Classification: Possible Iceberg
water 11.0%
forest 4.5%
plains 8.2%
sand 1.0%
ice/snow 70.6%
* margin of error +/- 1.0%

Items of Interest

  • [-21.72.-26] small overhang plus pumpkins
  • [-25.69.37] medium cave
  • [23.72.46] small waterfall cave
  • [-18.65.111] sugar and tall cascading waterfall
  • [-39.81.151] great cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [-390.65.7] sugar
  • [-280.75.-351] large flatland
  • [-140.72.-358] large mouth to small cave complex
  • [-17.84.-218] thick forest
  • [342.70.-261] medium iron in pit
  • [352.65.-140] two small pitfalls
  • [383.74.-146] small cave
  • [285.79.136] medium cave with lava fall and forest fire
  • [293.73.218] thick forest
  • [367.66.371] pumpkins
  • [313.71.329] small overhang with small waterfall
  • [-25.67.368] lava pit
  • [109.71.201] small pitfall cave
  • [108.71.194] deep pitfall cave
  • [161.72.206] small cave and sugar
  • [214.70.152] huge overhang


Starting with the big images, at top you'll find a large, wide-open valley into which is pouring a waterfall. Next is a large overhang with a chunk missing out of it.

Something about the image at right (top) is very beautiful to me. It captures both an overhang and a deep cave; light and darkness. I'm going to add it to my gallery exhibit at the MOMA if they ever return my call. The other image is just a wide-mouth dark cave with all kinds of goodies.


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