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Well, welcome to the end of Week 2. I think I'm going to do a wrap-up every week (at least until they update Minecraft). It was a light week, but the results speak for themselves. I reviewed 30 maps this week, including one legendary map that broke the mold when it came to amazing things to see. I hope they improve your Minecraft experience. Here are the top ten reviews from this week:

#10 airdock

This is a great level for beginners: some good hidi-holes and lots of trees. I can be a little daunting moving from one place to another through some of the steeper mountains, but other than that, an all around good level.

#9 darkshadows

This is my tribute to the 1960s soap opera and not to the 2012 movie -- although I did like the movie, the TV series was better. As a seed, it's got islands, deserts, and a massive floater. Gotta love it.

#8 moonbase87

Highest pumpkin patch I've ever seen. I should be able to write that and that should be the end of this review because you should instinctively want to see that. However, if you need more, so be it. This level features the highest and thickest lava fall I've found yet AND (within spitting distance) a great stone basin.

#7 gimmeclay

This was from the wishful thinking pile. I asked it to give me clay and you know what? It gave me clay. I found several open air clay deposits peppered throughout the map. Amazing. So, if you feel strongly about building your castle out of bricks, then this is the place to do so.

#6 carrielives

Caves and caves and caves. There is a treasure trove of deep, spooky, creeper-infested holes peppered into this map like a shotgun blast. If you like sneaking quietly around corners to avoid detection or just simply have a bajillion torches lying around, then this is the level for you.

#5 10987654321

High, jutting mountains that pop up completely out of the blue is the call of the day for this level. Zombies sounds just walkin' around and shielded creepers make this a challenging seed; avoid this one if you're still just learning Minecraft.

#4 greengas

Visually stunning -- albeit devoid of trees -- this seed has many thick land bridges that cast heavy shadows across the map. There are also lava falls and a huge pumpkin patch that are must sees.

#3 juicypants

An archipelago with five primary islands the largest of which is located in the northeast quadrant of the map. Tree distribution is awesome and the availability of hidi-holes on each island means that no matter where you spawn, you're covered. Beginners should have no trouble with this level, yet experienced players will find plenty to do too.

#2 ghastblaster

This beauty started by providing me with a hidi-hole filled with iron in my spawn. You can't really ask for better than that. Moving on, this level is filled with fascinating rock formations and mountains that are difficult to climb. This level is not for the faint of heart, but I would recommend it to anyone just so they can see it. Very scenic.

#1 opensource

This seed generated thousands of hits to the site and created a swirling maelstrom of excitement. The southwest corner of this seed features -- among other things -- a deep, perfectly formed crater, stunningly tall mountains, epic land bridges, no less than twenty waterfalls, and day-creepers galore. This is truly an epic seed that will be well played until the next update.


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