Written By abdulloh umar on Saturday, August 4, 2012 | 3:55 AM

This week was my first week and I'm really excited about the support I've been getting from viewers like you. I was not expecting this site to be as successful as it has been and that's partly because I had no idea there was such a demand for seeds. This is a project I look forward to continuing for quite some time.

Anyway, for those of you who are joining me at the end of the week for the first time, I reviewed 68 total maps this week and have pulled extra photos from the top ten maps and posted them below. I hope they improve your Minecraft experience.

#10 turnofages

Well balanced and challenging. There are epic cliffs that take ten to fifteen minutes to climb. I highly recommend this level for experts looking for some serious challenges. There are also many resources available across the map just sitting out in the open.

#9 348610

It's not just that this seed has great hills, it's that it has so many great hills I had to fight to narrow down the screenshots to just two. Sadly, I lost that battle. A visual treat with many awesome places to climb, this board will keep you entertained for hours.

#8 aop456

This seed has two things going for it. One is the easily accessible lava pits and the other is the massive crater at the top of the big mountain. This crater was so huge I couldn't shoot a photo of it. The top of the crater is usually obscured by clouds, so you can actually fall into it if you come in over the top and are unaware that it's there. A great and well-balanced level.

#7 stupidbystupid

Many hills and mountains with great features and sheer cliffs that fall so far they can kill you instantly. With practically no trees and resources that are hidden better than the gold at Fort Knox, this is a suicidal challenge for anyone who bothers to give it a go.

#6 floppytensioncrash

It's ranked as expert for one simple reason -- this level features massive overhangs that are so large and so profound that their shadows allow all forms of baddies to live above ground during the daytime. Then once night falls, the creepers are already out so they populate the board significantly faster than in other levels.

#5 queenbee

This level was so good that I chose it to be my first full map that I posted. Walking around this thing is easy because almost all of the water is frozen. You rarely have to swim. And it's chock full of goodies and deep, frightening caves you can easily get lost in. A great challenge.

#4 efllm2

This is an advanced board. Climbing the mountains is a tough challenge and if you end up deep in the forest, you can easily get lost and end up outside after sunset. I found plenty of coal and iron. There is a wondrous variety and I would recommend this level to anyone looking for adventure and exploration.

#3 123abc

There are a lot of amazing features, including spire/land bridge combos and dueling caves that run in opposite directions but share the same mouth. Clearly, everyone from beginners to seasoned experts will find something to enjoy in this seed.

#2 icba

Chances are, if you've spent any amount of time rummaging through the Internet looking for old-school legendary spawns, you've come across "icba". This seed has some of the most interesting mountains and formations you can get in Minecraft.

#1 blackreach

This seed is one of the most popular seeds that's been making the rounds on the Internet and it's easy to see why. There are land bridges and overhangs a plenty. I found lots of clay, a whole lotta bacon (pigs), and I even stumbled across a cave that has moss stone right inside the front door.


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