Written By abdulloh umar on Friday, August 24, 2012 | 7:10 PM

So, today was a crazy kind of day, so I only got a few done. "dastardlybastard" was the clear winner today and looks like a seed that can provide a lot of different looks to anyone who gives it a shot. I'm kinda interested in trying that one out myself.

In addition to my regular seed searching efforts, today I also added additional content for seed "wq8mt" (see original post HERE) as it has become immensely popular for it's flatland appeal. I added some photos and a full map. Anyway, on with the list:

  • [ 34.9 ] dastardlybastard
  • [ 27.7 ] bigmahoff
  • [ 26.7 ] cross2bear
  • [ 25.6 ] screenshot
  • [ 23.4 ] donotdistribute


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