Written By abdulloh umar on Friday, August 10, 2012 | 7:10 PM

Well, to say that today was successful is an understatement. Despite falling off a massive mountain and dying during one of my reviews (which set me back about a half an hour), I am proud to say that I have discovered the single best seed I've ever thought up. This seed is legendary -- on par with other amazing seeds like Gargamel and MODDED. Wait until you see what I got in store for you.

  • [56.2] opensource
  • [38.9] 10987654321
  • [36.5] carrielives
  • [33.2] crosstype
  • [31.2] offbeathope
  • [30.5] 12345678910
  • [26.7] notyourdroids


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