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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 7.2
DW 0.8
C 3.3
W 1.6
SP 2.2
VR 4.8
AF 6.1

My Review

You only want a piece of this board if you're looking for trouble. To say that trees are sparse is an understatement. The most interesting thing about this level is how the rocks spring up out of the sand like cacti. Speaking of which, if you like dying things green, then you'd love this level because otherwise it's just you and the sound of sand being crunched under your feet... for HOURS!

Items of Interest

  • [-25.70.0] hidden cave
  • [-104.79.-62] another hidden cave
  • [-122.75.-37] zombie cave with waterfall
  • [-172.66.-154] a massive hidi-hole
  • [-165.67.-173] coal cave
  • [-143.76.-184] waterfall


Looks like a massive cave in the side of the mountain, doesn't it? Wrong! Don't even bother climbing up there -- it's just a divot in this sandtrap.


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