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  • ++ Intermediate ++
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.1
DW 5.5
C 2.4
W 4.3
SP 3.1
VR 1.6
AF 2.9

My Review

Visually speaking, this is a nice level to wonder around in, but it's not the most challenging board. I think it might be a pain for beginners, so that's why it got rated intermediate. Sadly, the last board I tested today and the lowest scoring one I tested today. I love cliff diving so that was fun. But mostly, it was swimming from one desert island to another.

Items of Interest

  • [-28.67.19] hidi-hole
  • [-80.65.73] hidi-hole
  • [-54.65.54] deep cave
  • [-162.75.170] some interesting large floaters
  • [-151.76.16] shortcut cave
  • [-187.79.237] minor cliff diving opportunity


The top view is a shot of the sunset going down in the desert. I was just experimenting to see if it would work, but since it did -- boom, photo. At right, this is a four corners shot from my spawn showing a desert peninsula with some trees on it. Just like the rest of the level: beautiful, but uneventful.


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