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Special Achievements

  • Premium! This seed has scored higher than 40 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Rolling! Higher than 8 out of 10 in hills and mountains.
  • Anseled! Higher than 8 out of 10 in awesome features.


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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 8.1
DW 4.1
C 4.7
W 5.2
SP 4.8
VR 6.1
AF 8.2

My Review

This seed is a great seed for two reasons. First, the surface has some very interesting formation, some great mountains with deep, flat basins, and plenty of resources to simply scoop up as you're wondering around. Secondly -- and more importantly -- I found through sheer happenstance an underground lava lake and cave complex that is absolutely massive. It is so much so of a must-see that I took the Can't Miss portion out of this write-up and gave it it's own post with photos and instructions. This thing is gorgeous. But even if you're not one to dig down for your fun, this seed sands on its own as a premium-rated seed.

Can't Miss

Above is the first ever episode of "This Old Seed". Here is me showing you exactly how to get to the Epic Cave of Fire. The link below goes to the special bonus post I wrote up on the same subject.

[POST] The Epic Cave of Fire

The Nether

So, I took a hike into The Nether on this level. I spawned in a very bland underground tunnel system that dead-ended in every direction save one. When I climbed up to the bedrock wall and then stair-stepped my way through up to the main level, the world really opened up.

Really interesting here was the lava island, located in the middle of the primary lava lake underneath of a thick overhang. This would be a perfect spot to build a little house -- provided you could get there.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [2.102.92] large spire, cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [30.87.43] tiny coal
  • [16.60.-9] dig down for hidden cave
  • [162.89.55] large ravine
  • [215.81.68] hidi-hole
  • [271.86.64] deep hole
  • [311.73.27] large cave complex
  • [324.81.36] large spire
  • [332.77.-39] red and yellow flower patch
  • [302.77.-120] medium hidi-hole, grassland, and sugar
  • [316.65.-237] medium sugar
  • [315.65.-301] huge coal pit, dig down for hidden cave
  • [303.69.-341] sand pit
  • [342.69.-346] iron and coal
  • [224.72.-312] small hole
  • [214.75.-322] deep cave, underground waterfall, coal, iron
  • [141.69.-369] medium cave complex
  • [10.81.-340] cave
  • [12.79.-342] medium cave, underground waterfall, iron
  • [-21.72.-332] large hidi-hole
  • [-124.66.-304] small island, medium clay, large gravel
  • [-190.66.-316] large gravel, dig to collapse revealing hidden pitfall cave with underground waterfall.
  • [-183.46.-315] hidden cave
  • [-167.12.-304] The Epic Cave of Fire - an underground lava lake with diamonds, gold, obsidian, the works

Final Tally

[Update: September 2] I have been playing this seed off and on exploring all the caves connected to the Epic Cave of Fire. I used 155 torches. Here is a list of all the things in my chests that were naturally visible or happened to be mined while trying to connect one section to another:

  • Obsidian: countless, I stopped at 98 pieces
  • Coal: 487 pieces
  • Iron: 212 pieces
  • Redstone: 145 pieces
  • Gold: 57 pieces
  • Diamonds: 12 pieces
  • Lapis Lazuli: 9 pieces


Here is an interesting rocky outcrop from the side of a mountain. At bottom, you can see the top of a nice hidi-hole. At right, this is one of the two photos I took of the Epic Cave of Fire. The "bridges" that you see crossing the lava were added by me so that I could get inside this thing. Bring lots of torches.

As for the shots I got from The Nether, the first one is of a nice island in the middle of the lava lake. The second is a wide open view of the entire nether area from where I dug myself out of the underground tunnel system where my portal spawned.


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