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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 6.8
DW 2.0
C 6.2
W 2.3
SP 4.1
VR 6.2
AF 5.7

My Review

This seed isn't strange... it's horrific. This is a barren, lifeless husk. A snowy frying pan to the head. You have to start at one tree, chop it down with your hand, then walk to another tree just to get enough wood to make a pickaxe. And the trees are a three minute walk between them. The highlight of this level is the caves -- the nooks and crannies -- of which there are many. Recommending this level to a noob is an act of cruelty.

Items of Interest

  • [-72.68.-71] hidi-hole plus iron
  • [-104.67.-115] medium cave with waterfall
  • [-124.67.-127] nice cliff-side hidi-hole with iron
  • [-104.68.-168] waterfall
  • [-92.67.-174] coal, gravel, and an overhang
  • [-65.73.-219] pumpkins and a large cave complex
  • [23.71.-179] a large sugar patch and a formation I will henceforth refer to as "The Whale"


Trees are a luxury in this seed. This is a cool gritty rock formation that I found near my spawn. You can see a shortcut cave burrowing through it.


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