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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 3.7
DW 7.1
C 2.1
W 5.1
SP 2.1
VR 1.3
AF 2.2

My Review

This seed is as cold as, well, the anus of a Russian mustang. It has some trees, but they are hell and gone from where I spawned. This seed is a trek: an archipelago with not-so-frozen water that requires a lot of swimming. Getting to and from resources like coal and iron is going to be a bear. Beyond that, not much is interesting. I did find an island that was literally infested with sheep. I'm not sure if that's always going to be the case, but I'll include the coords for Sheep Island anyway.

Items of Interest

  • [212.69.-100] hidi-hole
  • [253.70.-136] a deep cave and a shortcut cave near each other
  • [191.65.-285] Sheep Island

Image Coordinates

A four corners shot from the spawn point that shows how some islands are flat and worthless while still others are round and mountainous. It's an interesting mix. The photo at right is of... well... sheep! You can visit them at 191.65.-285.


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