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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.3
DW 1.9
C 2.4
W 3.1
SP 3.7
VR 4.0
AF 3.3

My Review

This seed is a frozen wasteland that offers very little in the way of resources -- like trees or coal. There are some good caves full of enemies and also some wolves about.

Items of Interest

  • [182.65.227] dual caves full of coal and iron
  • [319.61.126] this is a crazy pitfall cave that plummets straight down. A huge challenge for anyone who's into spelunking.
  • [383.70.112] a cool lava fall
  • [364.77.133] a cave full of skeletons
  • [288.69.-39] Wolf Cave, so named because of a nearby wolf pack that kept visiting the area.

Image Coordinates

The image at the top is looking south from my spawn point at one of the only interesting set of formations on the whole board. At right, this is a view looking south at a spot near where I spawned. There are these two microspires that stick up out of the water that I thought were interesting.


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