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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.2
DW 5.1
C 2.6
W 1.9
SP 5.0
VR 5.4
AF 1.8

My Review

This Minecraft-twisted play on Edgar Alan Poe's oft-quoted magpie would make for a good survival map. My first time through, I didn't find any caves and that had me worried, but I went back a second time and found one really deep cave with some lava features. So, I have confirmed that there is at least one cave on the map. Hazzah! Beyond that, you're looking at flat and barren snow-covered mounds as far as the eye can see.

Items of Interest

  • [-3.66.-50] shortcut cave near iron and coal
  • [18.65.-34] small clay
  • [30.69.18] hidi-hole
  • [219.65.-6] wide-open, flat beach
  • [316.70.-239] zombie sounds
  • [310.68.-281] small hidi-hole


In my first play-through of this level, I forgot to take photos because I was so uninspired. However, when I went back the second time, I took a different path and discovered some cool lava features -- including this lava fall (one of two) inside a large deep cave. I plan on going back to see what else is hiding in this cave. At right, this lava pit, sitting half obscured by its neighboring hill, illuminates the night.


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