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Special Achievements

  • Anseled! Higher than 8 out of 10 in awesome features.


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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 7.4
DW 1.4
C 4.2
W 6.1
SP 3.2
VR 5.2
AF 8.7

My Review

Highest pumpkin patch I've ever seen. I should be able to write that and that should be the end of this review because you should instinctively want to see that. However, if you need more, so be it. This level features the highest and thickest lava fall I've found yet AND (within spitting distance) a great stone basin.

Items of Interest

  • [-47.107.36] the highest pumpkin patch I've ever found
  • [-60.71.-1] a deep cave
  • [-133.84.80] a large red flower patch
  • [-100.72.113] a great lava fall
  • [-108.68.186] the Great Stone Basin of moonbase87


Up top, you can see a mountain jetting out of the sands. The majority of the level is like that where you're walking through sand and then suddenly there's an odd rock formation shooting up out of nowhere. At right, pumpkins with a view of the lava fall in the background.


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