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Special Achievements

  • Abyssal! Higher than 8 out of 10 in deep water.


  • ++ Beginner ++
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 6.2
DW 8.4
C 3.8
W 6.1
SP 2.7
VR 5.1
AF 4.4

My Review

Even though getting around usually requires a lot of swimming (the wood is on the west island and the cool stuff is on the east island), this deep water treasure has plenty of resources visible to the naked eye and a massive cave that is visually stunning. Overhangs a plenty and the east side of the map features even more bizarre mountains that are very difficult to navigate. This is a good seed for anyone of any skill level.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [71.65.-25] waterfall flowing into a deep hole
  • [63.65.-51] shortcut cave and overhang
  • [64.70.-83] floaters, coal, and an overhang
  • [65.76.-334] red flower patch
  • [132.72.-337] deep cave
  • [216.90.-334] overhang
  • [267.77.-326] shortcut cave with pitfall
  • [321.81.-288] land bridge
  • [254.72.-235] chasm
  • [265.70.-97] medium overhang, land bridge
  • [299.69.-58] amazing double waterfall
  • [349.89.-64] coal
  • [324.86.-31] spire
  • [319.79.1] elevated clay
  • [327.76.242] red flower patch
  • [334.74.256] hidi-hole
  • [264.75.256] crazy overhang
  • [27.98.321] small shortcut cave
  • [7.98.322] cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [-22.88.348] hidi-hole with coal
  • [-57.67.302] flat beach for town
  • [-293.65.345] clay
  • [-350.66.90] gravel and coal
  • [-337.65.-39] medium clay
  • [-367.68.-24] deep hole with iron
  • [-318.61.-331] dig down for coal
  • [-156.68.-170] hidi-hole
  • [-173.65.121] sugar and clay
  • [-140.80.100] cliff dive experience
  • [124.75.140] gravel, stone, and coal (visible on map)
  • [106.72.72] another gravel, stone, and coal (visible on map)


So, once again I decided on three photographs instead of two. The first image is a waterfall flowing out from within an interesting rock formation. This was near where I spawned. At right (top), you'll see twin waterfalls flowing into a great shady basin. This was really quite a thing and it took me five minutes to find a good angle to capture how scenic this is.

Now, to say that this cave is large is an understatement. The mouth of this cave is completely black because the floor is so far down that light cannot reach it. Definitely worth checking out.


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