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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.5
DW 4.2
C 3.7
W 0.3
SP 2.1
VR 3.2
AF 1.7

My Review

This is quite possibly the hardest level you could play. Why? Because if you look closely at the map, there are about three trees in the northeast corner, two trees in the southwest corner, and NOTHING in between but snow and death. I can't imagine the horror that would be this level on anything other than creative. This was second worst of the day only because the vast frozen gulf is easy to walk across and the resources (coal, iron) are easily found. This is the kind of level where even torches are a waste of good wood. My advice: make one torch and just keep moving it around with you. The only person who could be happy in a place like this would have to be related to Jor-El.

Items of Interest

Warning: The following is a list of landmarks located around this map. If you prefer to discover these things for yourself, do not read this list and skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [-312.67.-17] OMG, there's color! It's a red flower patch
  • [-336.65.47] dead drop, careful where you step
  • [-224.65.180] hidden cave with coal and an underground waterfall
  • [-263.76.283] wolf cave
  • [-278.70.338] lava pit
  • [377.65.275] wolf pack
  • [369.73.237] pitfall
  • [359.67.218] multi-cave system with underground waterfall
  • [274.70.197] shortcut cave
  • [204.65.113] lava pit
  • [354.74.-43] red flowers
  • [344.67.-102] coal
  • [364.69.-166] hidi-hole
  • [323.69.-184] overhang
  • [315.79.-229] shortcut cave X2 with coal
  • [345.83.-400] huge pumpkin patch
  • [230.70.-307] waterfall
  • [7.74.-398] red flower patch
  • [-18.70.-407] hidi-hole
  • [-64.73.-376] coal cave
  • [-339.70.-342] deep cave with lava, iron surrounded by a huge collection of cattle and sheep
  • [116.65.-61] coal hidi-hole


At top, an interesting overhang formation in the middle of this mountain range. You can find it at 323.69.-184. At right, this is the view from where I spawned. I was looking... at this. I didn't even realize the board had loaded yet until I started looking around for something else. AND THERE WASN'T ANY ELSE!


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