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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 6.2
DW 6.8
C 7.5
W 7.2
SP 3.3
VR 4.8
AF 5.2

My Review

Apparently, according to my sister there is a quasi-famous pop group called Clay Nation that I've never heard of and don't care about. This seed has nothing to do with them. I attempted to create a large quantity of clay using this seed name and guess what... it worked! There is clay all over this level -- especially on Clay Island -- but there's more. There is plenty of sugar on this level for all you librarians out there. In addition, the south island is basically an empty shell that's hiding a massive cave complex. So be careful where you dig, because it can all end really badly. Without question, this map should be reserved for advanced users.

Can't Miss

So, I field questions all the time about my fascination with deep water. Not many people share it, but I for one am thrilled when I fall deep below the surface and uncover some cave or zombie spawn. Well, here's an example of deep water exploration (even though it's not that deep).

At -364.65.153, if you look off the southwest corner of the island, you will find a gaping hole in the ocean floor behind which sits glowing lava. If you swim down, you'll find a lava pit with a waterfall flowing into it. I can't swear that this isn't a glitch, so I hope it's there when you get there, but even if it isn't, dig in this spot and you'll find it. However, take caution: the entire floor is lava so you have to do some fancy swimming if you want to get in there without dying.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [-124.66.-42] clay, coal, and a spire
  • [-169.69.-39] overhang and a spire
  • [-178.82.34] shortcut cave with sandstone stalagmites and coal
  • [-171.70.51] pitfall
  • [-7.65.83] flat sand for town
  • [149.65.-74] flat beach
  • [265.69.-98] yellow flower patch and a lone wolf
  • [279.65.-94] two sugar patches
  • [304.66.-208] sugar
  • [344.65.-322] medium flatland for town
  • [361.65.-373] overhang and coal
  • [307.65.-406] medium sugar
  • [170.65.-327] two sugar patches
  • [69.67.-335] massive "clay island"
  • [-145.65.-310] hidi-hole and the sound of an underground waterfall somewhere behind the walls
  • [-208.68.-291] hidi-hole on a gravel-ringed island
  • [-231.66.-313] ZOMBIE SPAWN underneath the waterfalls includes redstone, gunpowder, two buckets, and a saddle
  • [-282.65.-105] medium clay
  • [-219.71.-143] land bridge
  • [-400.63.112] deep cave
  • [-364.65.112] exposed lava pit under the surface of the water
  • [-379.65.344] clay
  • [-174.75.341] deep cave, shortcut, and dead fall
  • [-186.73.354] pumpkins
  • [-123.66.199] shortcut cave
  • [-23.73.322] deep cave, bring water buckets, two lava falls
  • [-10.62.307] Indiana Jones style pitfall with deep cave
  • [13.68.305] gargantuan cave complex
  • [96.73.327] pitfall
  • [107.65.378] medium gravel
  • [193.67.396] large clay
  • [335.64.390] dead drop
  • [318.74.260] hidi-hole
  • [314.74.230] small cave
  • [254.65.234] sugar
  • [242.65.215] coal hole, deep cave
  • [292.72.174] red flower patch
  • [388.69.113] hidi-hole and coal


I found this mountain bursting through the top of the forest canopy just near my spawn. At right illustrating the can't miss section is a photograph of the underwater lava pit that I found. Hooray for deep water exploration. Finally, the lower right shows two magnificent spires jutting up out of the sandy valley.


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