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Special Achievements

  • Abyssal! Higher than 8 out of 10 in deep water.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • ++ Suicidal Expert ++

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 1.7
DW 8.4
C 2.9
W 1.8
SP 1.6
VR 1.4
AF 1.7

My Review

In the grand sport that is "Suicidal Minecraft", this seed has a real chance of making it into the hall of fame. The sixth worst seed I have ever found, this map is a flat, icy, barren disaster. If your mother told me she was an active member of the Nazi party, I would still not recommend this seed to her. You have to swim... everywhere. There is one island, due east, that is full of trees. If you quarantined yourself to this island you may have a chance to eek out a miserable existence. Leave the island and you'll find nothing but tears.

Items of Interest

Warning: the following list contains coordinates and descriptions of the majority of resources and other features in this seed. If you prefer to discover these things on your own, skip ahead to the final paragraph.

  • [-110.71.40] some icy pumpkins
  • [-217.70.172] pitfall shortcut cave
  • [-364.69.301] small cave, zombie sounds from behind rear wall, and a waterfall
  • [-370.74.-56] pumpkins
  • [-292.65.-134] hidden lava pit
  • [-343.66.-208] hidden lava pit with iron
  • [-283.73.-358] hidi-hole and shortcut cave
  • [-234.71.-327] mushrooms
  • [210.66.-365] large spire and sugar
  • [289.65.-349] small gravel and wolves
  • [337.71.-39] pitfall hole
  • [302.65.175] wolf pack
  • [67.71.326] pumpkins
  • [58.66.-159] medium clay


You know what grows here? Rocky, barren spires.


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