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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.9
DW 6.2
C 5.1
W 4.1
SP 6.1
VR 3.7
AF 2.8

My Review

Very interesting. I spawned at the confluence of four beaches, which was very scenic. Beyond that, you're going to find a lot of hidi-holes lying around the board to get set up in. I know not everyone cares, but there's a lot of deep water on this board if you're into the undersea stuff (which I am... hooray!).

Items of Interest

  • [170.76.-44] two hidi-holes right next to each other
  • [198.75.-53] medium-sized cave
  • [232.73.-49] zombie sounds and a shortcut cave
  • [245.76.-33] hidi-hole
  • [237.75.-55] a doughnut-shaped hidi-hole
  • [227.90.-76] shortcut cave
  • [221.85.-69] hidi-hole with coal


At top, here is a four-corners shot of the beach where I spawned. It looked like this (more or less) in each direction, which I thought was pretty cool. At right, a cool mountain.


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