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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 7.3
DW 3.4
C 4.8
W 5.9
SP 2.9
VR 3.1
AF 5.2

My Review

So, I spawn in this level and start gathering sand just in case I fall into a hole or something an I have to get back out in a hurry (you know how it goes). Three digs in, I fall into a cave. Now, normally that would be a good sign, but this level has many shallow caves but not very many deep ones, so don't expect too much spelunking. It turns out -- once I extricated myself from my spawn hole -- that this level is a nice archipelago full of wolves and some nice pockets of resources. Worth a try.

Items of Interest

  • [20.64.4] my in-spawn dig-down-to-death cave
  • [173.17.132] a massive, interconnected cave complex

Image Coordinates

Hopefully, you can tell from the image above that this seed has a nice balance when it comes to biomes.


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