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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.2
DW 3.7
C 7.1
W 5.9
SP 1.3
VR 2.9
AF 3.0

My Review

I picked this seed name because I watched a documentary today on a fungus (Chytrid) that is killing frogs all around the world and the impact it's about to have on humans. Very interesting. This seed had a horrible spawn point but got significantly better as I wondered around. The big surprise on this level was the sheer volume of caves that can be seen dotted around the map from any elevated position. And many of them are pretty deep. I only examined a handful of them, but I'd be willing to bet there are some cool caves in this seed that head down towards bedrock.

Items of Interest

  • [172.60.-16] hidden cave
  • [295.70.-10] waterfall
  • [320.76.-81] dead drop cave
  • [315.69.-128] day-skeletons in forest near a hidi-hole


Sheer cliffs and shady overhangs are the soup of the day on this seed.


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