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  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.3
DW 6.1
C 4.7
W 6.2
SP 5.1
VR 3.7
AF 5.1

My Review

This is an expert-level archipelago with a few caves and plenty of deep water to explore. This level has many, many chickens. I don't know why you would care, but they were quite annoying. Several of them did not survive my wrath. The main island has a large desert peninsula that may contain some surprises. In fact, I spawned there, but then headed off in the other direction scouting for trees. I found many... elsewhere.

Items of Interest

  • [-43.74.-34] a deep coal-infested cave
  • [-112.65.-38] I could easily have walked past this insanely deep cave had it not been for a small bit of serendipity and a willy chicken. The entrance is only two blocks wide, but this cave may come close to bedrock.
  • [-279.65.-98] a deep cave
  • [-376.65.-284] a cute little hidi-hole

Image Coordinates

There are several of these odd rock formations consuming various tiny islands around the periphery of the level. Difficult to climb and even harder to figure out why you would want to be up there in the first place.


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