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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.1
DW 2.4
C 7.9
W 2.3
SP 3.1
VR 4.8
AF 2.4

My Review

What are the odds that a seed with the word "ice" in the name would be a frozen world devoid of fun and charm? Ironically, this was not at the bottom of the list today because it scored quite highly in the caves department. I didn't find many caves, mind you, but the ones I did find exceeded my expectations. This is clearly a level with many deep holes that you might find while digging just in random places. This is not a level for beginners.

Items of Interest

  • [57.70.117] massive hole, bring many ladders
  • [91.67.159] hidi-hole
  • [119.65.245] I don't know why, but this completely frozen lake just kind of struck me as interesting.
  • [155.71.278] a shortcut cave
  • [178.63.263] a nice iron deposit
  • [175.65.137] a sugarcane patch you could see from across the board
  • [169.68.95] a medium cave
  • [143.66.60] hidi-hole


The image at top is of a frozen river running through the level past the only overhang I was able to find.


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