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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 5.6
DW 4.1
C 3.2
W 6.3
SP 4.4
VR 3.6
AF 2.2

My Review

Inland lakes and hidden caves are the flavor of choice for this particular seed. This is definitely a good seed for beginners, as there is a great balance and plenty of trees. My spawn point was nice and even had a little coal in it. While I found several hidden caves, the one at -24.65.-133 clearly had the most potential, though you're going to need a pickaxe and a shovel to make any headway.

Items of Interest

  • [-24.65.-133] dig down for hidden cave, stalagmites, and iron
  • [-11.65.-149] medium flat sand
  • [-26.69.-177] floater
  • [13.70.-350] cave complex
  • [145.65.-302] large lava pit


A nice thick forest on the end of this peninsula greets you. Beyond, you can just make out some steep mountains.


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