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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 7.1
DW 5.1
C 4.3
W 6.9
SP 4.2
VR 2.2
AF 4.1

My Review

Even though I spawned in a depressing snow-land, there were plenty of resources nearby and if you walk five minutes in any direction, you get back to more habitable biomes. This is a great level for beginners: some good hidi-holes and lots of trees. I can be a little daunting moving from one place to another through some of the steeper mountains, but other than that, an all around good level.

Items of Interest

  • [-23.71.59] deep hole with waterfall
  • [-71.87.75] hidi-hole
  • [-33.78.171] waterfall and a long shortcut cave
  • [-46.78.205] two caves
  • [-63.76.198] sound of skeletons
  • [-145.78.248] overhang with crazy mushroom collection


At top, I spawned in a little chilly spot. At right, this is a huge land bridge that I found. You may notice that the right side of the image appears to be speckled with artifacts. Actually, those are two types of mushrooms that were growing en masse in the shade of the land bridge. You can find them at -145.78.248.


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