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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.5
DW 4.1
C 3.9
W 1.3
SP 4.4
VR 5.8
AF 2.1

My Review

Continuing with my ground-breaking series of bracketed number seeds, "[27]" turned out to be something of a letdown until I found the obsidian generator featured in the above photo. Then, I felt vindicated. Assume that "[28]" will be coming shortly. Most of this level is an ice world, though it has more trees, caves, and visible resources than the other two ice worlds I posted earlier so it's a little easier and not so barren. Still, this world is probably best left to the experts.

Items of Interest

  • [207.70.-89] deep cave with iron
  • [359.70.-53] the obsidian generator lava pit with nearby sugar
  • [272.72.77] skeleton cave
  • [192.65.96] iron
  • [155.65.144] medium cave


This lava pit, located at 359.70.-53, has a large quantity of nearby water to generate plenty of obsidian for all your nether needs.


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