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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 4.2
DW 2.8
C 3.1
W 6.0
SP 4.4
VR 1.8
AF 4.4

My Review

I took a look at this level and was impressed immediately because it just so happens that I spawned next to a pumpkin. I was very excited. But during the rest of my walkabout, I was quite blasé. So, this level was tracking around the 21-23 overall score mark when all of a sudden, I found the biggest pumpkin patch I've seen in Minecraft. This patch is so amazing that even Linus would be happy. When added to the availability of trees, this level really picked up at the last moment and surprised me with a pretty descent score. Also, you can find a lot of sugar here.

Items of Interest

  • [-97.65.-29] zombie cave with iron
  • [-227.72.-154] mondo big pumpkin patch
  • [-320.70.-79] gravel pit
  • [-375.73.-24] a hidi hole near a really weird hole in a wall where water is trickling out. It's not a waterfall, per se. It's more like a leak in the earth.
  • [-171.65.302] a deep cave

Image Coordinates

So many pumpkins! If you want to pick from the patch, go to -227.72.-154. Also, at right, a regular four corners shot that illustrates the nice balance of this level.


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