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Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 1.3
DW 1.7
C 3.4
W 0.8
SP 1.9
VR 2.3
AF 6.2

My Review

Well, that photo up there says it all. Cold. Very cold. Icy and vast. No wood, no deep water, and no hills. In fact, all the water is frozen -- which is actually convenient because all the land is spread out all over hell so huge frozen ice is a good way to get around. It's a hell of a thing to see -- a vast frozen ocean -- even if you don't stay for the ride. And by ride, I mean caves -- which are basically holes in the ground that literally are only one or two cubes wide through which you can plummet to your death. I spawned in the north and then moved southwest. Nothing improved. Very cold.

Items of Interest

  • [-72.71.-220] this was a really interesting stone complex that almost looks like ruins. Worth checking out. There is also a deep cave here, so be careful where you step.
  • [68.80.183] a nice sized hidi hole
  • [20.66.208] a coal cave
  • [9.69.215] a deep ice hole

Image Coordinates

These three intrepid little bastards were the only source of color in the whole seed. They were right next to the spawn heading southeast. They marked the end of dry land and the start of dry water. At right, a vast plummeting cave I found on one of the islands at 9.69.215.


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